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20 Questions To Ask Any DJ Service
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20 Questions To Ask Any DJ Service
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20 Questions to Ask a Disc Jockey Service

Here is a list of questions to ask a disc jockey service before deciding on hiring them.

1. Do you provide a written contract for your services?
a. This should be YES without exception! Never take their word for it. Get it in writing!

2. How many wedding receptions have you performed at?
a. The more experience, the more money the Disc Jockey is worth.

3. May I see you perform at a wedding reception?
a. This answer should be NO. Should your DJ allow a stranger to "pop-in" and watch even a few minutes of your big day and give the impression that they care more about the "next sale" rather than the party in front of them?

4. How much do you charge?
a. Look for value for your entertainment dollar. Human jukeboxes will always charge less than Entertainers and/or helpful planners.

5. Are you limited to only 4 or 5 Hours because you have another wedding?
a. In most cases this should be NO! The revenue usually dictates the number of hours at a reception.

6. How early do you arrive prior to a wedding reception?
a. Arrival time is generally 60-90 minutes prior and setup is complete before stated contract time.

7. What do you wear to a wedding reception?
a. The DJ should always dress in appropriate attire according to the event and the wishes of the client.

8. I've heard horror stories of drunk DJs, DJs that smoke like a chimney. Do you do either of those?
a. This should be an ABSOLUTELY NOT! Professionals do their job. They don't smoke and drink.

9. Will the DJ act as a master of Ceremony?
a. This depends on the style of services the client wishes to have.

10. Are you able to play continuous music?
a. Yes...the music never stops.

11. How much music do you have?
a. This should be a significant amount with over 5,000 songs as a starting point.

12. Do you use any theatrical lighting?
a. Depends again on the client's wishes. You may get charged extra, you may not.

13. Are there any special needs for your equipment?
a. Other than the normal precautions for any electrical equipment, no.

14. How many breaks will you take, how often, and for how long?
a. I do not break during your reception as the music remains continuous.

15. What is the payment schedule?
a. Find out when payments are due including the procedure for late fees and cancellation.

16. What happens if you get sick or some tragic event happens in your life, do we have a backup?
a. Good Disc Jockey services ALWAYS have a backup plan or two.

17. Do you Sub-Contract your work out?
a. You want to make sure which Disc Jockey you are paying to have service your wedding reception - This should be NO!

18. Do you need to be fed at my wedding reception?
a. Disc Jockey's do not ever plan on eating at their shows. That being said, we would never want to offend anybody by not enjoying their special meals. The bottom line, if you offer - we eat.

19. Why is your price higher to play at a ceremony or rehearsal?
a. Time is money. Every service that is offered should have a set price and terms associated with it. Don't be afraid to ask for it in writing.

20. What does your equipment consist of?
a. Most professional DJ's today are 100% digital. The true pro's do not handle CD's or LP's anymore. The days of skips and white noise are over. Name brands commonly used are Peavey, Amercian Audio and Nady just to name a few.


We hope that this list helps you out. Feel free to ask us any or all of these questions, we are prepared.

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