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Schwinn Jaguar

Hello bike nuts, My name is T.J. Suszka, Owner of The Pedalers Palace.

I have been collecting classic bikes since 1990.

It all started for me when my late grandfather gave me his bike, a 1961 Huffy Camaro, And the rest is history. I really enjoy the mens middle and heavyweight Schwinns, but I like all old bikes. I am a constant at, what in my opinion is the best bike swap meet in the nation, The Ann Arbor / Saline Swap Meet in Ann Arbor, Michigan ~ Their link is below. I am an avid ebayer, under search on ebay type pedalerspalace to pull up all of my auctions. Listed below are all of my bikes and parts I have for sale, and a list of what I am looking for ( Constantly updated ). I am in the process of publishing an international newletter, suitable for all of us to buy, sell and trade all things bikes, with ease. I am always looking for memoabilia as well. Feel free to contact me at the following sources to buy, sell or trade bikes, or just to chat about the hobby.

T.J. Suszka



Do you want to know what year your bike is, or what it is worth? Call or email, I am always happy to help.

The Infamous Schwinn Black Phantom!
Please get in touch to offer any comments.

You can e-mail us at:

Vintage Bicycle Sales Since 1990.