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Terms and Conditions



This is a legally binding contract between Shaun N. Hill and Jessica L. Hill ( Owners ) of Southern Star Entertainment Projector Services, herein known as the presenter(s), and, ________________________________________, herein known as the client(s).

This is a legally binding contract to have the presenter(s) render their services on the following date __________________________________ and time: _____________. The presentation will consist of _________ ( number ) songs with a total of __________                 ( number ) pictures. The fee for this event is agreed by all parties to be $___________. A $30 ( Thirty Dollar ) non-refundable * deposit is required at the time of signing this contract. Any and all balances are due and payable prior to the beginning of the presentation on the above mentioned date. Please notice that the presentation will not begin until payment has been rendered to the performers. All payments shall be made out to Southern Star Entertainment.

The presenters will set up a projector, projector screen, and operate the slide show via computer, at the time agreed upon by both parties.  Presentations will be designed and projected in a tasteful professional manner, but the quality of the photographs will be as is.

Thank you for choosing Southern Star Entertainment Projector Services.

______________________          _____________        

Shaun N. Hill                                     Date

______________________          _____________

Jessica L. Hill                                    Date

______________________            ____________

Client Signature                               Date 



This is to certify that Southern Star Entertainment has received a deposit of $____________ from the above mentioned client. The balance of $_____________ is due and payable proior to the start of the presentation on the above mentioned date. 

_______________________     ____________

Southern Star Representative.      Date

_______________________     ____________

Client                                              Date

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